THEORI (COMPOSITION19/20)

THEORI is a body of work that defines an artist’s journey between the dualities of the body and mind as well as the body and garment, taking inspiration from the sacred order of the female form and other elements.

These other elements; the result of studies that stray from the pulsations of abstract art towards compositions derived from a cohesive union of sacred geometry, mathematics, sex, architecture, linotecture (the motion and forms of lines), physiognomical inclinations and culture.

           Inspired by the entropy and beautiful chaos of Lagos as well as the distinct beauty of the African continent, these garment compositions herald the statement by the artist that ‘’GARMENTS ARE STORY TELLERS’’. These garments, all created to engage with the soul of its audience and bury its message(s) in subtlety.

These garments; storytellers of identity, the psychology of self, perception, and relationships, social justice, personal stories of the artist, the female body, spirituality as voyage of lines, Africa and colour as a parallel for the beauty of life.

         This body of work references the term ‘’GARMENTRATURE’’; the literary interpretations of the garments created.