Born is a cross disciplinary  body of work in which the artist points to the fact that the work as a `WHOLE’’ may unconsciously and inconclusively decipher the brand’s philosophy of the wuman (woman) as an art form in itself using all her elements to create using motifs from a self meditative drawing technique which he(artist) describes in his coined term as ``Anatosapientic art’’.
The exploration of the wuman as an art form postulates an idealogy; a sort of thinking in depths so fascinating and interesting, with the garment to be a referential narrative.
               Each work(composition) is verbally interpreted as a poem/short story and visually through the garments and imagery bordered through different fabrics, colours, forms and textures.
The artist has been inspired by his journeys of soul searching, frustrations, music, fabric studies/sourcing, environmental distress, artisanship with minor seeming hyperbolic romanticisms between the needle and thread or the sewing machine/needle and fabric, going as far recording various machine sounds during the tailoring/appliques of the various garments.
              The work comprising of skirts, pants, tunics, blouses, shirket and shirts have interplays of media/techniques such as painting, abstract tapestry, contrasts, sublime printing and fluid appliques.
There is use of fabrics such as denim, cotton, wool which is artisanally crafted, organza, mesh etc with hues of green, blue, brown, white, black, peach etc
Each composition has  its literature termed ``GARMENTRATURE’’ to convey its message. Navigating the compositions you will find titles such as `OBASI’ which is a reference to the biblical hyperbole of man as a god as he may see himself,thus tapping into his Godly image references.Here the eye and teeth are elemental and glorifying. `MARGI’ is a compelling epitaph of a great wuman that is instrumental to the artist’s life and creative process.
The work being visually expressed as a fluid abstract painting printed on a tee.`AH!-FREAK HER’ is a referential and exaltative ode to Africa inspired by a need to correct outer perceptions of the continent and paint her in a truer near-infinite embodiment using the personification of her as a wuman(woman) and synthesising tints of her body-skin, innocence, subtlety, sex, heritage, identity, motherhood etc.
`TIE OUR KNOT, SMALL DOWRY’ is the artist’s anato-dualistic  view of marriage in which he simply views marriage as a fusion of two parts inspired by the joining of the coronary plane division of the body parts; front and back. This is shown by the division of a denim blouse into two parts; front and back which is worn by tieing the flaps in both parts. The shoulder(body);a point on which the knots rest is literally a foundation.
Here, the  interaction of the parallel flaps signifying the strengths of marriage. The looseness or tightness of the knot is a factor for body fit of the blouse as well as serve as a metaphor for the marriage bond and quality.`WUMAN, WHO ARE YOU?;a piece that creates a dialogue for wumen(women) to understand their beauty,uniqueness and strengths as hubs of creation parallel to art which creates,not created.Also are titles such as `burst,waste and heap’, yarn hard!, dance,I’ll follow your steps etc
    The photographs were all taken with spontaneous fluidity and creative freedom and are all designed in  physiognomic frames consciously to alter and twist view, mood and perception of the entire image, the garments, the sorrounding environment, the model(s),their skins, hair and body marks as well unify all these elements as parts for a distinct work of art.
.All works are completely inspirational and are meticulously created over a period of time, set of observations, colour sparks and conversations and are themselves; complete works of art that are thought provoking, thus highly valued and timeless.
          In simplicity, `BORN’ takes you through themes of birth, marriage, self belief,love,heritage and identity as elements of the wuman in parallel to creation which is what art is.The compositions, all parts greater than the whole.